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Scantron Request Form

Orders must be submitted by departmental office coordinators.

Your order may be picked up in the Center for Student Involvement, located on the garden level of the University Center from 8am-5pm.

Your next order may not be made within 30 days of the date this order was placed. Please remember to use all of the scantrons you request, and refrain from wasting these resources that are made available to our students. 3000 scantrons max may be ordered at the beginning of each semester. Re-orders are limited to 1500 scantrons thereafter, within that same semester.

Thank you for making our student’s lives better and all else that you do for Angelo State University.

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Scanform 100 (500 sheet pack) 100 questions (50 per side) 882 E compatible testing forms*
In order to provide the opportunity to every academic department we limit orders to 3,000 scantrons, or 6 packs at the beginning of the semester, and re-orders are limited to 1500, or 3 packs thereafter.