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2022 Business Plan Competition Phase 1 - Entry Form & Business Overview

The San Angelo Business Plan Competition 2022: Entry Form

By entering and being accepted into the Competition and submitting the required Business Overview of The San Angelo Business Plan Competition (the “Competition”), each contestant/owner executing this Entry Form agrees to all of the following terms and conditions. If you advance to Phase II of the competition as a semi-finalist, an Entry Fee of $50.00 payable to: COSADC, is required and is nonrefundable. Payment of entry fees does not guarantee an award in the competition nor advancement to the next phase.

Originality of Plan

The statements, information, ideas and concepts set forth in the submitted documents are to be the original work of the contestants. By submission of this Entry Form, contestants individually warrant that their contest submissions are not subject to the intellectual property interest of any other person or entity, and that the contestant is under no agreement or subject to any restriction that prohibits or restricts the contestant’s authority to disclose or submit such statements, information, ideas or concepts to the Competition Officials for purposes of the Competition.

Compliance with Guidelines of the Competition

By signing below, each contestant named below certifies that he/she has read the competition guidelines, and that the team or individual represented by this entry agrees to abide by the guidelines and the decisions of the Judging Panel and Competition Coordinators. The Judging Panel and Competition Coordinators (Competition Officials) reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to disqualify any entry that violates the competition guidelines or does not meet the minimum measures of quality, viability, or feasibility set by the Judging Panel or Competition Coordinators.

Grant Award Agreement

By signing below, each contestant named below certifies that he/she has read the standard San Angelo Business Plan Competition Grant Award Agreement. Download a copy of the sample agreement. Each contestant further agrees to the terms and conditions of such Grant Agreement should the contestant accept a cash grant from COSADC awarded by the Judging Panel and Competition Coordinators. Terms and conditions of all Grant Agreements between winners and COSADC are subject to review and approval of the COSADC Board of Directors, or their designee.

Print, review and sign the Entry and Release form (Appendix II) from the guidelines to be uploaded below. Be sure to upload both pages. 

For assistance preparing your business overview please visit with an SBDC advisor. To set an appointment complete the online advising request for confidential, no-cost advising services. 

The business overview: 

The business overview must be a two-page maximum overview of the business (completed and submitted online), with up to four charts, diagrams, and/or tables uploaded as an appendix. Charts, diagrams, and tables are not required.

The business overview should briefly address each of the following business plan essential elements.

  • The market problem – Focus on the need in the market for the proposed start or expansion of the business.
  • The product/service idea – Describe how the start or expansion of the business will solve the market problem identified in the first element.
  • The market served – Describe all targeted customers and market areas to be served.
  • The customer value – Describe the value of the product or service to the target markets and discuss the competitive advantages of the product or service. Discuss how you have validated the market need.
  • Revenue generation – Describe how the business generates revenue.
  • Management profile - Describe the ownership and management of the business.
  • Funds required - Describe the use and amount of funds needed to start or expand the business if a winner in the competition. Clearly outline how funds would be used if awarded.

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Business Owner and Primary Contact Info:

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Additional Business Owners if any:

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Business Overview

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Please be sure to initial page 1 of Appendix II and provide a full signature on page 2. Please upload both pages of appendix II
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