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Report Illicit Storm Water Discharges

ASU operates its own stormwater program under a MS4 Permit issued by TCEQ.  Your help in identifying prohibited activity is an important element.  When you see an activity on campus that appears to be an illicit discharge of water or pollutants, please bring it to our attention for further investigation.

Please provide as much detail as possible: location, time, person(s) involved, and a specific description of the hazard. After completing the report, click the Submit button.

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Describe the location as specifically as possible (southwest corner of Parking Lot 39).
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When did you see the activity occur?
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Describe what the person was doing or what discharge you saw (person poured used motor oil in drain).
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Please provide a description, license plate, or other information that would help identify the person or source.
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Please provide contact information so we can contact you if we need additional information (optional)
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