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Two Public Artworks Selected for ASU

December 13, 2011

Art for Plaza Verde
During the season of giving, Angelo State University has announced the first two pieces of public art that will be installed on campus as a gift not only to students, employees and alumni but also to members of the community and anyone interested in modern art.  

“Evolving Helix,” a 20-foot tall stainless steel sculpture combining the simplicity of a ram’s horn with the complexity of the DNA helix, will be installed on the pedestrian circle on the University Mall just south of the new Plaza Verde residence hall.  The artist is Roger White Stoller of San Jose, Calif. 

“Kinesis,” an undulating red ribbon of steel symbolizing movement through its arching loops and swirls, will be positioned between walkways at the northwest corner of the Center for Human Performance’s new student recreation addition.  The artist is Joaquin Palencia of the Philippines. 

ASU President Joseph C. Rallo said, “This installation art will bring a new dynamism to campus and provide places for thought, reflection and even whimsy for members of the Angelo State family as well as for visitors, who will now have two more reasons to make ASU a destination.”

Rallo said the art pieces represent another step in enhancing ASU’s reputation as a residential campus, providing multiple opportunities and resources for all students’ academic, social, recreational and cultural needs. 

Additionally, Rallo said the artworks represent the first manifestation on the ASU campus of Texas Tech University System policy that requires a percentage of budgets on all major construction projects be directed to public art.  Under that policy 1 percent of the budgets for new construction and .5 percent of the budgets of renovation projects are directed to public artworks associated with the new or renovated facilities. 

“Implementing this policy will enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of the campus in the future,” Rallo said. 

The “Evolving Helix” will take approximately two years to complete and is budgeted at $375,000.  It was chosen from 25 different artist proposals.  “Kinesis” will be installed in about a year and is allocated a $60,000 budget.  It was selected from 17 proposals from different artists.

A local advisory committee reviewed the various proposals and made recommendations to the Angelo State University representatives – Barbara Rallo of San Angelo and Donna Bowen of Robert Lee – on the TTUS selection committee for final approval. 

Community members of the advisory committee are Brenda Gunter, K. Duane Hamblin, Matt Lewis, Sue Rainey, Julie Raymond and Anne Shahan, all of San Angelo.  Angelo State representatives are Tom Bankston of the Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance; Maurice Fortin of the Porter Henderson Library; Connie Frazier of Residential Programs; Ralph Hall and Peggy Niño, both of the Department of Art and Music; Jessica Manning of Special Events Facilities/Services; Bradley C. Petty of University Recreation and Intramurals; and Ruben Sandoval of Facilities Management.  The ASU student body will be represented by Jessica Kindrick of San Angelo.