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New ASU Posts to Focus on Alumni Relations

December 13, 2011

Administrative changes designed to enhance coordination and communication between Angelo State University and the ASU Alumni Association will be implemented in December with the creation of two new positions at the university.

The two positions – executive director and office manager for the association – will report to the Office of Development and Dr. Jason Penry, whose title will be expanded to vice president for development and alumni relations. 

ASU President Joseph C. Rallo and ASU Alumni Association President Dean McIntyre made the joint announcement, saying the change would strengthen the relationship between the university and its exes as well as provide greater coordination for ASU’s $25 million capital campaign and other fundraising activities. 

“The support of the ASU Alumni Association leading up to and following the move to the Texas Tech University System has been key to our success as an institution since 2007,” Rallo said.  “We see this move as another way to strengthen that relationship in support of our mission and our students.”

The move will also free up some financial resources for the Alumni Association by reducing personnel costs and giving the organization greater flexibility in supporting the university. 

“We are all on the same ASU team,” McIntyre said, “and this is indeed a great way to maximize all of our resources to the fullest extent possible.” 

Penry said, “As the Alumni Association maximizes resources, we will broaden its mission to serve and engage all ASU alumni.  The association offers programs and services designed just for ASU alumni.  An engaged alumni base is important as the university continues its record growth.  A strong alumni base is not only beneficial to the alumni themselves, but it also sends a strong message of togetherness and family in the hometowns of prospective students.” 

The ASU Alumni Association is a 501(c)(3) organization established to support the university and its educational efforts.  The association owns and operates the LeGrand Alumni and Visitors Center and sponsors numerous campus events and activities in support of ASU.