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Students Receive Solace from Therapy Dogs in the Library

December 16, 2015

The Library’s “Paws” and relax event was another great success!

In what has become a welcomed tradition, Angela Skaggs (Assistant Director for Access Services) again worked with therapy dog handlers Tom and Toni Maurer to bring Bucky, Flyer, Chase, and Vida to the Library the week before final exams.

Their visit to the Library on December 1st and 2nd marked the third consecutive year of this event, and the first year the Library worked in conjunction with the Student Affairs Office.

Everyone (human and canine) enjoyed spending time together petting and posing for pictures. 

We also enjoyed hearing stories from the Maurers about the Samoyed breed and the unique personalities of each dog. 

    We offer a sincere Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Maurer, Angela Skaggs, and the Student Affairs Office for their work on making this event possible. We also offer thanks to Bucky, Flyer, Chase, and Vida for bringing so much joy to ASU students during the most stress-filled time of the semester.