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A Devoted Fan

Passionate, intense, loyal and vocal are some of the words used to describe one of Angelo State athletics’ biggest fans, Bettie “Miss Bettie” Gilstrap.

Miss Bettie’s affinity for ASU began in 1975 when she and her husband, Marcus, moved to San Angelo after separating from the U.S. Air Force. When Marcus later retired from Western Communications, he took on the role of athletics team bus driver, and Miss Bettie often tagged along.

“We started going to the football and basketball games,” she said. “Marcus started driving for the teams, and that is when I started traveling with the teams everywhere they went.”

In the 41 years since, Miss Bettie has rarely missed an ASU athletic event. She has season tickets to all Rams and Rambelles sports and has her familiar spot at football, basketball, volleyball and softball games.

“I enjoy the games and getting to know the kids,” she said.

As one of ASU’s more recognizable and vocal fans, Miss Bettie’s support does not go unnoticed.

“It means everything to us. She is always there to support us.”

Taylor Dorsey
Belles basketball player

“It means everything to us,” said Belles basketball player Taylor Dorsey. “She is always there to support us. Hearing her voice makes me feel really good about our team, knowing we have support throughout the season.”

One former Rams basketball player was particularly appreciative of Miss Bettie’s support. Darwin Carter of Belize played for ASU from 1999–2001, and when his mother could not attend his Senior Day ceremony, he asked Miss Bettie to escort him onto the court.

“That night was special for me,” Carter said. “I really wanted her to get recognition because of all the love and support she had for me during my time at ASU. She would cheer just as loud at the games as my parents would have cheered. I still have the card she gave me from that night. It is one of the best memories I have at Angelo State.”

Miss Bettie has continued to develop relationships with ASU teams, especially the Rams basketball team.

“The entire team kept telling me I was their good luck charm during the 2014–15 season,” she said.

The Rams made sure their good luck charm went as far as they did. The team invited Miss Bettie to Stephenville for the 2015 NCAA Division II South Central Regional Tournament, and she made the trek for all three tournament games. She was also invited to Wichita Falls for the regional tournament this past season to cheer on the Rams again.

“The passion fans like Bettie bring to the game rubs off on our team.”

Travis Scott
head softball coach

“There is nothing like walking out, getting ready for a game right before the national anthem, and you always look back and see Bettie,” said Rams head basketball coach Cinco Boone. “You have a loyal true fan who is going to cheer for us to win and cheer for us to make free-throws. She is our good luck charm, and when she is in the stands we feel good about our chances.”

No matter the sport and regardless of the outcome, Angelo State coaches and student- athletes know that the support of “Miss Bettie” Gilstrap will never waiver.