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History Major Accepted Into Ph.D. Program

April 20, 2017

History major Garret J. McDonald (B.A. 2015) is about to graduate with his master’s degree from Texas Tech ahead of attending the Ph.D. program at Fordham University.

After performing extensive research in the Russian archives in Moscow, history major Garret J. McDonald (B.A. 2015) will be graduating with his Master of Arts in History from Texas Tech University in May 2017. Garret will be attending the Ph.D. program at Fordham University in the fall of 2017, where he will continue his research exploring the Soviet Union’s forced labor system, particularly in relation to developments in Soviet science and technology. Garret has also recently presented his research at several conferences, including the 55th Annual Southern Conference on Slavic Studies (April 6-8th, 2017) in Alexandria, VA, and is currently writing an article for publication that explores the history of Gulag inmates transferred to the Red Army in special penal military units during the Second World War.