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Office of Communications and Marketing

Several staff members in the Office of Communications and Marketing won local, regional and national awards for various projects.

Nationally, Brandon Whitford, Leonor Constancio and Brittney Miller won 2017 Educational Advertising Awards; and Whitford, Becky Brackin and Tom Nurre won 2017 Collegiate Advertising Awards. Regionally, Miller won a CASE District IV Gold Award for design of the “Ram Family Guide.” Locally, Brackin, Constancio, Miller, Nurre, Whitford and John Risko all won American Advertising Federation Awards for 2017.

Tom Nurre Tom Nurre
Leonor Constancio Leonor Constancio
Becky Brackin Becky Brackin
Brandon Whitford Brandon Whitford
Brittney Miller Brittney Miller