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Congressional Intern - Chasity Paxton

June 06, 2018

This last fall semester, Chasity Paxton had the pleasure of being chosen to be a congressional intern for Congressman K. Michael Conaway, who represents the 11th Congressional District that includes San Angelo.

Going into this internship with high hopes, and quite a bit of nerves, she couldn’t wait to learn more about the political process and the daily running of our nation’s government. She walked away from Congressman Conaway’s office in December with a reignited love for public service and lessons, memories, and experiences that can only come from life in Washington, D.C.

Chasity experienced so much more than politics and debate during her time in D.C, although these were undoubtedly the best moments (like sitting in an intelligence committee hearing, or watching as the tax bill went through). However, there were moments outside of the hill that made DC feel like her home (even though she was about 1400 miles from Cleveland, Texas). From trips to neighboring states, to events right in the heart of DC, there was never a boring or lonely moment thanks to the vibrant city life and good friends made (courtesy of Texas Tech). One of her most memorable experiences was attending the annual Capitol Christmas Tree lighting. What a tree, what a night!

Truth be told, she could write volumes on what she learned and took away from this internship.

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and trust Angelo State University gifted me to represent them in Washington, D.C and know that the skills and lessons learned will follow me for the rest of my life.”

Her internship changed my outlook on politics and public service, prompting her to pursue a career in political communications. She highly encourage students to apply and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, it’s one she will not regret.