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RDI Fabricators SBDC Success Story

Economic Impact

  • Business Expansion
  • 11 Jobs Created
  • Owner Investment
  • Commercial Loan

Jason Bradley was hired a few years ago to assist a growing fabrication business that supplied an essential part for drilling operations in the oilfield.

For signing on with the company, he was given a small piece of ownership with the promise that as the company grew, that piece would grow and once it reached about 20% he would have the option to purchase the remaining stock from the current owner.

Jason reached that mark this year and decided that he would pursue 100% ownership. He approached his lender who was quite familiar with Jason and the business. He asked Jason to contact James Leavelle at the ASU Small Business Development Center to discuss and work on a business plan. Jason met with James and learned about business plans and financial projections.

He was able to successfully write a plan and present it to the lender and the majority owner of the business. Jason is now the 100% owner of the business.

“Mr. Leavelle helped in giving the resources needed to make a presentation to the bank and to Mr. Dicke in order to receive financing.”

Jason Bradley