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3 Nail Ironware SBDC Success Story

Economic Impact

  • Business Expansion
  • 2 Job Created
  • Owner Investment

Almost 30 years ago, Randy Kiser started a custom ironworks business specializing in decorative and functional iron such as gates, staircase hand rails, and more.

He built this business to the point that he was doing high-end work for customers in Dallas, Houston, New York and other places. As dependable as this work was, Randy grew weary of dealing with architects and designers. He made the decision to leave that side of the industry and begin a retail business making cookware.

At this point, Randy and his wife Margie reached out to James Leavelle, Senior Business Advisor for guidance on making the switch to a retail business. The Kisers utilized many aspects of the SBDC.

“We have been very satisfied with the SBDC. We started with them 28 years ago and they helped build our business as Kiser Iron Works. We decided to start a new business or change our business model form Custom to Retail, we have now changed over to 3 Nail Ironware and they have been very helpful in branding, marketing and addressing problems we locate as they arise.”

Randy and Margie Kiser