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How Your Scholarly Work can Benefit from the Digital Repository

August 20, 2018

Did you know that a service offered by the Porter Henderson Library enables ASU students, faculty, and staff to share and access each other’s scholarly and creative endeavors through the Angelo State University Digital Repository (ASUDR)?

The repository lets the ASU community create and archive its own digital record, and share it on the open web.

In it, you can find:

Digital Repository Digital Repository

Researchers may find these items by using Google Search, Google Scholar, and the Library’s own U-Search.

The purpose of ASUDR’s is twofold: It is a hub for fresh scholarly and cultural work from ASU authors that others to cite as part of their research while archiving important items (in digital formats) about ASU’s history and growth which complements our University Archives.

To paraphrase A. J. Boston from Murray State University, if you

…then let’s post it in ASUDR! For more information, please contact the Joseph Pruett, the Digital Repository Librarian, at