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Constitutional Seminar

September 19, 2018

On September 18, the Department of Political Science and Philosophy hosted a panel discussion on the topic, “Challenges for the U.S. Constitution in the Internet Age.” 

Speakers from the Department of Political Science and Philosophy included Dr. Brenda Norton, Dr. Deanna Watts, and Dr. Tony Bartl, who spoke to the legal, political, and theoretical aspects of the topic, respectively. 

Constitution event speakers

Dr. Ken Heineman from the department of Security Studies and Criminal Justice provided a more historical perspective on some contemporary challenges with our freedoms of speech and of the press. And Dr. Jeffrey Boone from the Department of Communications and Mass Media spoke to the purpose and importance of journalism for democracy. 

Dr. Bruce Hunt, Dr. Matthew Gritter and Mr. Manny Campos assisted with facilitating the discussion.  The student-run ASU Political Science Association sponsored the event.