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Clark Pfluger

Distinguished Alumnus
Though he prefers to stay out of the limelight, Clark Pfluger has had a profound influence on the entire ASU campus community.

Clark Pfluger, Class of 1977 (M.B.A.) Clark Pfluger, Class of 1977 (M.B.A.) A native of Eden, Pfluger earned his B.B.A. in finance from Texas Tech University in 1966 and began a career in equity investing for banks and private firms in Dallas, Houston and San Angelo. He finished his M.B.A. at ASU in 1977, and though retired since 2002, has continued to work with the stock market.

“I’ve always been an equities stock buyer,” Pfluger said. “I operated out of the Wells Fargo building for about 12 years until I moved out last year. I can look at stocks just as well at home now.”

In 1997, Pfluger also became an original member of the TTU Investment Committee. He served for 11 years that included ASU’s transition into the Texas Tech University System, as well as his role in transitioning the assets of the ASU Foundation and Carr Foundation.

“I received my graduate degree from ASU,” Pfluger said, “but I went to school mostly at night, so I didn’t know much about the university. I wanted to learn more, so I contacted some folks at ASU, and they put me on the foundation board.”

…helping programs and students is the goal.

Clark Pfluger

Pfluger now supports ASU through endowments for academics and athletics, as well as hosting activities for several Rams and Belles athletic programs. He has also been active in the community with local nonprofit agencies, including the Humane Society, United Way, San Angelo Early Childhood Shelter, and the Family Shelter.

For his role in the ASU Foundation and ongoing support for the entire Ram Family, the ASU Alumni Association has named Pfluger a 2018 Distinguished Alumnus.

“This designation is an honor,” Pfluger said. “But it’s not about being a donor of time or finances, it’s about the recipients and how they are affected. I got involved because the more people from the community who get interested, the better for ASU. Knowing that you are working for the university and helping programs and students is the goal.”

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