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Century Club

Members who participate at the $100 level or higher in the Angelo State University Alumni Association are considered part of the Century Club. This is a list of members as of Aug. 31, 2018.

Century Club

Diamond Century Club

Bryan and Renne Heflin, Monahans

J. Milton and Terri Swift, Montgomery

Richard and Sue Way, San Angelo

Jay and Michelle Young, Dallas

Platinum Century Club

Jeff and Deborah Brennan, Mill Creek, Wash.

Carter and Talley Williams, Austin 

Cameron and Jessica Willmann, Midland 

Golden Century Club

Steve and Reta Bell, Brownwood

Benton and Rachel Brown, San Angelo 

William and Janet Caskey, San Angelo 

Norman and Linda Dierschke, San Angelo 

Dale and Sherry Dodson, Plano 

Debra Farr, San Angelo 

C.B. Franke, Irving

David and Jo Nell Harlow, San Angelo

Lt. Gen. Ronnie D. and Maria Hawkins, San Angelo

David and Carol Herreman, Lewisville

Mary Holland, San Angelo 

Walter Juliff, Southlake 

Larry and Rena Kerr, San Angelo  

Brandon and Angela Moore, San Angelo

W. Alvin New, San Angelo 

Brett and Jessica Nikolauk, San Angelo

Carrol and Jim Nokes, Fort Worth 

John Norman, Houston

Lloyd and Sheri Norris, San Angelo

Clark Pfluger, San Angelo

Jim and Marion Ratcliff, Georgetown

Steve and Brenda Smart, Colleyville

Kenneth and Beth Sumrall, Katy 

Jay and Mindy Warren, Midland

James and Kadee Waterbury, Madison, Ala.

Mike and Ruth Wheeler, San Angelo

Silver Century Club

1st Community Federal Credit Union, San Angelo 

Paul and Sharla Adam, San Angelo

Kimberly Adams,San Angelo

Patrick and Tia Agan,San Angelo

Chase and Jamie Akin,San Angelo

Maurice Archer and Barbara Alford-Archer, Lamesa

Steve and Marsha Arvedson, Houston

Danny and Kande Bahlman, San Angelo

Travis and Kate Barnett, Lubbock

Jimmy and Carol Barton, San Angelo

George and Tina Bean, San Angelo

Howard and Melanie Benes, San Angelo

Trey and Linda Berry, San Angelo

Cody and Jenefer Bissett, Aledo

Michael and Jaynell Bodine, Sterling City

Clayton and Jessica Boling, San Angelo

Bootstrap 8 Ranch, Buffalo Gap

Gary and Leslee Bowen, San Angelo

Lane and Elaine Bowen, Mathis

Kyle and Pam Box, San Angelo

Tim and Connie Bozarth, San Angelo

Jeffrey and Trudy Bozeman, San Angelo

David and Rebecca Bray, San Angelo

Candice Brewer, San Angelo

Randy and Susan Brooks, San Angelo

Shane and Mikela Bryant, Wolfforth

Dean Buchanan, Pflugerville

William and Randine Buche, San Angelo

Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc., Houston

James and Lesley Casarez, San Angelo

Oscar and Camelia Casillas, San Angelo

Stephen and Kay Castle, Midland

David Cerminaro, San Antonio

Guy and Eva Choate, San Angelo

Gregory and Debbie Conaway, Katy

Concho Carpet One, San Angelo

Concho Educators Federal Credit Union, San Angelo

Crockett National Bank, San Angelo

Nick and Heather Cuellar, Carrollton

David and Dinah Cummings, San Angelo

Alex and Kay Decuir, San Angelo

Troy and Lisa Deubler, Irving

Brian Dierschke, San Angelo

Marvin and Janis Dierschke, San Angelo

Van and Angela Echols, Lubbock

Danny and Janell Eckert, San Angelo

David and Delta Emerson, Denver, Colo.

Gil and Sue Engdahl, San Angelo

Thad and Shelby Engelbart, Inez

Dr. Shirley Eoff, San Angelo

Andy and Susan Eubanks, Floresville

Steve Eustis, San Angelo

Brent and Lesa Ewald, San Angelo

Dr. Javier and Christy Flores, San Angelo

Jimmy and Debbie Fontenot, San Angelo

Wayne T. and Gina Franke, Austin

Travis and Chancey Garza, Midland

Jim and Dana Glossbrenner, San Angelo

Cody Gochenauer, San Angelo

Scott and Maricela Gray, San Antonio

Howard and Laren Green, San Angelo

Gary Griffin, Buffalo Gap

Ray and Delilah Harper, San Angelo

George and Sandra Harrison, San Angelo

Owen and Lois Harrison, San Angelo

Ronald and Carol Harrison, San Angelo

Joseph and Su Ann Henderson, San Angelo

Henderson Tractor & Implement LLC, San Angelo

Dan and Terri Herrington, Boerne

Doug and Karen Hildebrand, Odessa

Ferd and Cindy Hoefs, San Angelo

Douglas and Mindy Hohensee, Miles

Holiday Cleaners, San Angelo 

Brian and Mackenzie Holik, San Angelo 

Bill and Pam Holubec, San Angelo

Jim and Nancy Hughes, San Angelo

Virginia Hunt-Edmiston, Murphy

Joe Hurst, Boerne

Dr. Clifton and Rhonda Jones, San Angelo 

Kathryn Kelly, Austin

Verlin Kelly, San Angelo 

Linda Knightstep, San Angelo 

Lorenzo and Leslie Lasater, San Angelo

Legacy West Investment Services, Inc., San Angelo 

Dr. Robert and Jean Ann LeGrand, San Angelo

Bobby and Kimberly Livengood, San Angelo

Dr. Justin Louder, Lubbock

Dusty and Jenny Love, San Angelo 

Dr. W. Bonham and Marcille Magness, Houston

Dr. Brian and Patti May, San Angelo 

Richard and B.J. Mayer, San Angelo

Jeffrey and Amy McCormick, San Angelo

Mack and Dixie McCoulskey, San Angelo

Tommy and Cindy McCulloch, Wichita Falls

T. Dean and Lisa McInturff, San Angelo 

Dean and Suzette McIntyre, San Angelo 

John Mark McLaughlin, San Angelo 

Drs. John and Karen Miazga, San Angelo 

Mitchell Automotive Group, San Angelo

Charles and Shirley Morton, San Angelo

Dustin Newton, San Angelo 

Linda Norris, San Angelo

Phil and Kitty Nussbaum, Hermosa Beach, Calif. 

Facundo and Mayra Olivas, Muleshoe

Bill and Carey Peacock, San Angelo 

Edward and Annette Perez, San Angelo 

Eric and Kimberly Peterson, San Angelo

Ryan and Randee Peterson, Midland 

Christopher and Jennifer Piel, Lubbock 

Laurin and Sharon Prather, Lubbock

Victor and Trish Probandt, San Angelo

Reece Albert, Inc., San Angelo

Richardson Dairy Queen, San Angelo 

Dick and Mary Robertson, San Angelo 

Richard Schumacher, San Angelo 

Cyndi Seger, Fort Worth

Joe and Raelye Self, San Angelo 

Brian and Jeannine Shannon, Lubbock 

Jacqueline Shannon, San Angelo

Sonora Bank – The First National Bank of Sonora, San Angelo 

Erik and Hallie Sosolik, San Angelo 

Eric and Jodi Sprinkle, Midland

F. L. and Pollyanna Stephens, San Angelo 

Dave and Donna Stinnett, San Angelo 

Brenda Sturzl, Austin 

Joel and Suzanne Sugg, San Angelo

Austin Sumrall, Katy

Phillip and Sharon Templeton, San Angelo 

Texas State Bank, San Angelo

The Bank and Trust, S.S.B., San Angelo 

Mark and Bryce Thieman, San Angelo

Christopher Tipton, San Angelo

Sherri Tipton, San Angelo 

Drs. Don and Linda Topliff, San Angelo

James Truelove, Richardson

Gene and Dietra Tutle, San Angelo 

Mike and Michelle Vallandingham, Austin

Steve and Susan Van Hoozer, San Angelo 

Michael Varnadore, San Angelo

Mason Vaughn, Eldorado

Tommy and LaJan Walter, Jacksonville, Fla.

Brian and Doxie Watson, Midland

J. Michael and Becky Wedin, Sweetwater

Troyce and Rebecca Wilcox, San Angelo

Grant and Emily Wilde, College Station 

Keith and Julie Wiley, Hudson Oaks

Adelita and John Willis, San Angelo 

Rodney and Betty Winn, San Angelo

Mark and Angelina Wright, Robert Lee

Nic and Angie Zavoico, Fort Myers, Fla.

Access ASU-Century Club

LeRoy and Marie Anderson, San Angelo

Pat and Lori Barton, San Angelo

James Baugh, San Angelo 

Juan Benavides, San Angelo

Michael and Melanie Block, San Angelo 

Julian Bradley, San Angelo 

Conoly and Heidi Brooks, San Angelo 

Phillip Buckner, San Antonio 

Miguel Castillo, Mason

Adam Chappell, San Angelo 

Nathan Clark, San Angelo 

Roger Collins, San Angelo

Shelley Cranford, San Angelo 

Laura Cuellar, San Angelo

Gary and La Jean Dziuk, San Angelo

Angel Flores, San Angelo 

Ted Hackl, San Angelo 

Wade Hall, San Angelo 

Grady Harlow, San Angelo

Taylor Henry, San Angelo

Holly Herrington, San Angelo 

Mark Jackson, San Angelo 

Scott Jackson, San Angelo 

David Jacobo, San Angelo

Joseph Johnson, San Angelo 

Jim and Kimberly Jones, San Angelo 

Gerald Jost, Wall

Matthew Jost, Rowena

Rebecca Kelley, San Angelo 

Quang Le, San Angelo 

Austin Madden, San Angelo 

Scott and Sueann Martin, San Angelo 

Fernando Martinez, San Angelo

Steven Mattson, San Angelo   

Joseph and Audrey Medley, San Angelo 

Christopher Montag, San Angelo 

Shane and Stacey Plymell, San Angelo

Sarah Quitana, San Angelo 

Jarred Ramon, San Angelo 

Jerry and Linda Roach, San Angelo

David Rodriguez, San Angelo 

Matthew Sage, San Angelo 

Cory Sanders, San Angelo 

Byron and Belinda Sawyer, San Angelo

Jessie Schroeder, San Angelo 

Dr. W. Truett Smith, San Angelo

Douglas and Lynne Springer, San Angelo 

Pamela Stevens, San Angelo 

Gary and September Summers, San Angelo

Michael and Kathleen Sutters, San Angelo 

Reginald Sutton, San Angelo

Marlen Tait, San Angelo 

Mason Taylor, San Angelo 

Brenda Tyler, San Angelo 

Raymond and Frances Untalan, San Angelo 

Patti Wetzel, San Angelo 

Randall Wilson, San Angelo 

Thabiti Yahya, San Angelo 

Sylvia Zap, San Angelo

Acess ASU-Silver Century Club

Everette and Rebecca Boyce, Bronte

Kenneth and Maxine Breedlove, San Angelo

Samuel Camarillo, San Angelo 

Cornelius and Michelle Chinn, San Angelo

Kurt and Virginia Eschman, San Angelo 

Shanna Ferguson, San Angelo 

James and Jill Fisher, San Angelo

Gilbert and Sylvia Gallegos, San Angelo 

Aaron and Tamara Hargett, San Angelo

Sebastian Haynes, San Angelo 

Libia Huffman, San Angelo 

Lane and Stacia Hughes, San Angelo 

Anne Joseph, San Angelo 

Stephen and Ervilene Kuhlmann, San Angelo 

David and Sonya McCarthy, San Angelo 

Eduardo Palacios, San Angelo 

Maria Palacios, San Angelo 

Ric and Madonna Rebulanan, San Angelo 

Chad and Justina Reel, San Angelo 

Elsa Reel, San Angelo 

Emma Reel, San Angelo 

Blaine and Jenny Shelton, San Angelo 

Grace Shelton, San Angelo 

Ryder Shelton, San Angelo

Alvin and Joan Smith, San Angelo

Elise Smith, San Angelo 

Creed Thompson, San Angelo 

Tom and Karla Thompson, San Angelo  

Ethan Welch, San Angelo 

Susan Welch, San Angelo

Century Club

Donald and Jean Abell, San Angelo 

Jeff and Amy Anderson, Lincoln, Calif.

William and Nita Archer, San Angelo

Jerry and Shelley Austin, Lubbock 

Carrie Beasley, San Angelo

Charles and Karnella Beasley, San Angelo 

Raymond Bedard, Palm Bay, Fla. 

Mavis Bell, San Angelo 

Eugene and Ethel Berger, San Angelo

Gary and Jane Billingsley, Bedford

Len and Jaxine Boling, San Angelo 

Robert and Jane Boothe, San Angelo 

David and Ann Boswell, Austin 

Dale and Susan Brancel, Colleyville

Kathleen Brasfield, San Angelo

Greg and Kerrie Bratcher, San Angelo

Brandon and Catherine Bredemeyer, Odessa 

Steve and Jacqueline Brown, San Angelo 

Tammy Brown, San Angelo

Carolyn Bruha, San Angelo 

Clent and Stephanie Bryan, Abilene

Joshua and Amanda Burris, Lubbock 

Jefrey and Wendy Butcher, Artesia, N.M.

Curry and Bonnie Lou Campbell, Sonora

Jerry and Nidia Casillas, Katy 

Larry Clark, Richmond 

Mark and Karen Clark, San Angelo 

Ron and Pam Cole, The Woodlands

Chad Collier, San Angelo 

Matt and Angie Conrad, San Angelo 

Kevin and Lacie Corzine, Stamford

Donald and Pat Cox, San Angelo

Kim Cox, San Angelo 

Susan Crain, Tuscola

Jerry Curry, San Angelo

Dr. Danny and Sandy Daniel, Frisco

Justin DeLoach, San Angelo 

Darryl and Robyn DeSeve, Manassas,Va.

Russell and Linda Dressen, Abilene

John and Betty Duke, San Angelo 

Monti and Lisa Eady, San Angelo

Jim and Tracy Farley, Lubbock

Sharon Felts, San Angelo 

Mark and Karen Fraley, San Antonio 

Kenith and Christie France, Fort Worth

William and Amy Fuchs, Wall 

George and Joanne Gamache, Bloomington, Ill. 

Jessica Gambrell, San Angelo 

Ronald and Debbie Gill, College Station 

Randy and Kimberly Golson, Midland  

Grider and Tiffany Gordon, Spring

Miles Goree, San Angelo

Dennis Gorsching, San Angelo 

Dennis and Libby Grafa, San Angelo

Steven Grafa, San Angelo 

Scott and Dee Ann Green, San Antonio 

Dana Grellhesl, Houston 

Griff and Patti Griffin, San Angelo 

Frances Grogan, San Angelo

Frank and Dolores Gully, San Angelo 

Suzy Hagar, Dallas

Charlie and Vicky Hall, Georgetown

Joe and Anne Hamilton, Cloudcroft, N.M.

Doug and Robin Harris, Rockwall

Edgar and Shelley Harris, San Angelo 

David and Katie Harrison, San Angelo

Jeb and Genny Henderson, San Angelo

William and Jean Hierholzer, Kerrville 

Lawrence and Thaysha Hill, Pflugerville

Shirley and Jerry Hodges, Snyder

Ronald and Diane Hoelle, San Angelo

E. James and Bobbie Holland, San Angelo

Cynthia Hudec, San Angelo

Dana and Abby Hughes, San Angelo 

Marshall and Diana Huling, San Angelo

Frank and Charlotte Jackson, Wingate

T. Russell and Cheryl Jones, Temple

Robert and LaVerne Knezek, Arlington 

Jim and Dorothy Kramer, Shavano Park 

Josh and Crystal Kreitler, San Angelo 

Jerry and Gayle Lee, Bedford

Valerie Lopez, Uvalde

Dr. David and Judy Loyd, Jr., San Angelo 

Larry and Judy Lusby, Ballinger

Thomas Lynch, Plano 

Lt. Col. Darcy Maloney and Dale Werner, Wall 

Dr. Amanda Marshall, San Antonio 

Harold May, Spur

Dr. Kevin May, Jamul, Calif. 

Zachary and Makenzie McCormick, San Angelo 

Dale and Ellen McDonald, San Angelo

Rick McKinney, San Angelo

Bruce and Cindy McKowen, San Angelo 

Allison McMahon, Fort Worth

Roy and Carolyn McNelly, Rowena

Thomas and Dee Michalewicz, Buda

Garrett and Brigett Mikulik, San Angelo

John and Brenda Miller, Kerrville

Michael and Brooke Mitchell, Houston

David Mitchell, San Antonio 

David P. Morales, Port Neches

Anthony and Norma Multer, Rowena

John Multer, San Angelo

Joe and Graciela Munoz, San Angelo 

Ed and Erika Nalepka, Midlothian 

Milton and Rebecca Nickel, Polson, Mont.

Michael and Elizabeth O’Briant, San Angelo 

Jim and Joyce O’Connell, San Angelo 

Darrell O’Neal, Victoria

Corey and Shauna Owens, San Angelo

Meghan Pace, San Angelo

Antheny and Michelle Pape, San Angelo 

Mark and Marsha Pape, Fredericksburg

Scott and Judy Parker, Lubbock

James and Blossom Parry, San Angelo

Myron and Mary Pate, San Angelo 

Neil and Sara Paton, Troy, Ohio

Eric and Kimberly Peterson, San Angelo 

Fred and Sheri Petmecky, San Antonio

Faron and Barbi Pfeiffer, San Angelo

Bart and Kathleen Pfluger, San Angelo 

Lee and Candyce Pfluger, San Angelo

Michael and Lisa Phillips, Spring 

Bruce Pittard, Novice 

Steven and Penny Price, San Angelo 

Mark Priest, San Angelo 

Royce and Molly Purvis, Odessa

Dr. Joseph and Barbara Rallo, San Angelo 

Charlie and Sylvia Ramirez, Portland  

Susan Redford, Leander

Drs. Albert and Belinda Reyes, Dallas

Scott Ringener, Big Spring

David and Maria Robbins, San Angelo

Gary and Patricia Rodgers, Austin 

Frank and Rosemary Rudnicki, Austin 

Dr. Micheal and Tara Salisbury, San Angelo

David and Candace Samuelson, Abilene 

Kelly and Sandy Sawyer, San Angelo 

Norman and Diane Schaule, Canyon Lake 

Doyle and Lynn Schniers, San Angelo

Gordon and Jackie Schrank, Saint Cloud, Minn.

Cody and Bridget Scott, San Angelo 

Michael and Karen Scott, Georgetown 

Kenny Scudder, Odessa

Jeffrey and Sharon Sefcik, San Angelo

Eric Seidenberger, Seattle, Wash.

J. Keith and Debra Shahan, San Saba 

Shiloh Shannon, Richardson

Guy and Julie Smith, Palmyra, Pa. 

Mark and Jackie Stevenson, San Angelo

Dr. Marvin and Susan Stewart, Dandridge, Tenn. 

Wilbert Stewart, San Angelo 

Chris and Brenda Stone, San Angelo

Bobbie Sublett, San Angelo 

William and Toni Suddeth, San Angelo 

Macdonald and Till Tatum, Plano 

Jimmy and Pamela Taylor, San Antonio

Kevin and Kimberly Thomas, San Antonio 

Susan Thurston, San Angelo

Dr. Lloyd Urban, McKinney

Julia Valles, San Angelo

Jimmie Von Gonten, San Angelo 

Steve and Kandyce Waddill, Dallas

Billy and Carolyn Weathermon, Brownwood

Brady and Stephanie Weishuhn, Vancourt

Melody and Edward Wilkinson, Fort Worth 

Jeremiah and Leslie Williams, Leander

Ronnie and Pauline Willmann, San Angelo

Elene Wilson, San Angelo

Jerry and Mary Wilson, San Angelo

Marcus and Marjorie Young, San Angelo 

Emiliano Zapata, Lubbock

Chris Zayas, Houston 

Eric Zeitler, Bulverde

ASU Alumni Association Business Club

Small Business Club

Angelo Awards, San Angelo 

Angelo Chiropractic & Acupuncture, San Angelo

Cliff and Lauren Caldwell, San Angelo 

Eddie Hall State Farm Insurance, Caddo Mills

Green Meadow Veterinary Hospital, San Angelo

Gold Business Club

Sam’s Club, San Angelo 

Wells Fargo Bank, San Angelo