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Fernandez Salsa SBDC Success Story

Economic Impact

  • Business Expansion
  • 4 Jobs Created
  • 3 Jobs Retained
  • Commercial Loan

Jason Fernandez grew up in the family restaurant. The restaurant makes its own salsa and it is very popular due to its spiciness. 

Jason had the idea of canning the salsa and selling it. He, with the blessing of his parents, learned how to can the salsa and began traveling to different trade day shows and markets to sell his salsa. 

As it became more and more popular, Jason began looking for ways to grow his business. He met with Senior Certified Advisor James Leavelle of the Angelo State University Small Business Development Center. James assisted him in developing a business plan that would allow him to expand his operation and increase his sales.

“Mr. James Leavelle with the SBDC has been very helpful with my Fernandez Salsa business. The preparation of my business plan showed me the potential of where I can get my business to (ex. Stores, and distributors). They also gave me leads on where I can get help with the exportation of my business.”

Jason Fernandez