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Content Inventory

January 14, 2019

It’s official. ASU needs Marie Kondo.

As December wrapped up, iFactory provided us with our content inventory. Basically, several giant spreadsheets with all of the content and URLs on our website. This step will allow us to start thinking about what content we want to keep, revise or eventually remove from the site.

Those spreadsheets are long. Really long. We have about 50,000 pieces of content on this website. There’s a chance we’re hoarders. We have about 10,000 web pages, 10,000 PDFs, and a whopping 25,000 images.

We’re still very early in the project, and it’s a little hard to see the forest through the trees. Thankfully, we have our great team at iFactory to guide us along the way. We also have a very long and detailed list of every tree, leaf and twig in the forest.

Caroline assured us that while we don’t have the largest site they’ve ever seen, it is quite large considering the size of our school.