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User Personas

January 23, 2019

We’ve got to write with the right people in mind.

One of our first big marketing geared deliverables from iFactory are our user personas. Personas are pretend people who will help us all create better digital content. Even though they are “fake” people, the data they are based on is very real. To construct them, we use interviews, data on prospective students and donors, and website users. We also assign them names and backstories - even a photo!

Personas are a real lodestar when it comes to creating content. Every content decision should be made with our personas in mind. Take Alexandra for example - she’s a first generation student who might be interested in nursing but isn’t sure how to pay for school. The more real they are, the more we can think about, “How does the web page serve Alexandra?”

We’ll be using personas again later in a Persona Matrix. The Persona Matrix marries our sitemap and personas together to make sure we’ve crossed all our proverbial “T’s” and dotted all our “I’s.”