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Brand Audit

February 21, 2019

We started in 1928, but the real work begins today.

When the original proposal was written for this project, we asked for a campus-wide marketing integration and a review of our website’s visual identity, including our brand materials. The findings from iFactory turned out to be more thorough than we expected!

If we’re going to build a new website that markets our brand, then we have to solidify and shore up our identity standards. iFactory thinks we have strong, rigorous standards when it comes to the use of our trademarks and colors. However, iFactory does recommend we extend those standards so we have the same rigor when it comes to how we talk about Angelo State, whether it be the writing on a website, a photo on social media or a video showcasing our wonderful school.

Overall, we need to be for focused, impactful and inspiring when it comes to our messaging. It’s going to be a fun challenge, but there is so much opportunity for growth if we can solidify our branding standards. As a school, we’re proud of our history and tradition, but brand is more than just our past, it’s our future.

The good news? People like us! In a world of endless critiques, Angelo State continues to have a good reputation. Our mission is not to get people to like us - we’ve already done that! Rather, our goal is to cement the reasons why people love the Ram Family, and showcase that digitally.