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Content Review

February 27, 2019

Overall, our content is “consistently enthusiastic.”

This isn’t a bad thing! However, iFactory encourages us to make the jump from purely enthusiastic content to a healthy blend of enthusiastic and motivational content. And to apply that enthusiasm and motivation to things other than the Ram Fam, like our academics, services and faculty.

It’s important to note that content refers to a variety of elements. It’s not “just” the words on our site. It’s the photos, videos and visual elements that make up Angelo State. It all works together across all platforms (web, print, social media, email) to convey who and what Angelo State is. We do a lot of things well, but there is room for improvement.

Right now, a lot of our content across channels is missing the academic element. Prospective students want to know to about ours programs! Also, we need more content geared towards first-gen and non-traditional students. We do a great job of promoting the Carr Academic Scholarship, but don’t highlight other aid opportunities quite as well. We have amazing faculty, and we need to do a better job of weaving our award-winning faculty throughout our site.

Our current students are our best marketers. We should be using their experiences and testimonies to talk to our prospective students. When we say you are part of the Ram Family, convey to them what that means through the eyes of current Ram Fam members. We absolutely have the tools to accomplish this!

As we move towards a new site, we have the opportunity to show future students they can join the family. We can provide the motivational “You Can Do It” attitude through our content. We can show them at Angelo State, their dreams are possible.