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Gayle Randall, Distinguished Faculty Achievement

Distinguished Faculty Achievement - Class of 1990 & 1991 (B.B.A. & M.B.A.)
As an Angelo State student, Gayle Randall walked on to the Rambelles cross country team and became a conference and regional champion.

As a faculty member, she “walked on” as an adjunct and has become an award-winning senior instructor.

A first-generation student from Houston, Randall attended ASU on a Carr Scholarship. After earning her business degrees, she went to work at the local Ethicon facility, but shortly thereafter opted for full-time motherhood. After raising her kids, Sarah and Matthew, she re-entered the workforce and soon came calling back to her alma mater.

“I had done a stint in financial advising,” Randall said. “I was working closely with people and helping them, but I needed a more personal connection. Now, I just enjoy being with the students so much. I feel like ASU is home, and it’s where I can have the most impact and really make a difference.”

I never would’ve guessed the impact I could have on students.

Gayle Randall

Since her return to ASU in 2006, Randall has immersed herself in the Ram Family. In addition to teaching management and marketing classes, she teaches freshman Signature Courses, helps lead an annual study abroad trip to Europe, is faculty advisor for the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity, and constantly participates in campus activities ranging from recruiting events and Rambunctious Week to Homecoming events and Ram Jams.

“I’ve been given so many opportunities in my life,” Randall said. “Some students haven’t gotten those types of chances, so if I can help them out, then that’s a positive change for their future. It’s so rewarding, and I just can’t get enough. I never would’ve guessed the impact I could have on students.”

That impact has also brought rewards for Randall, including numerous campus, community and national awards for teaching, advising and service.

For her outstanding teaching and her dedication to her students and ASU, Randall has earned the Alumni Association’s 2019 Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award.

“I was floored when they told me,” Randall said, “because I think there are a million other people who deserve it more than me. Never in my dreams would I have expected something like this. I’m very thankful.”

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