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Lee Morris, Outstanding Staff Award

Outstanding Staff - Lead Groundskeeper
When it comes to recruiting students and fundraising for ASU, Lee Morris is one of the Ram Family’s unsung heroes.

A Nolan County native and 18-year ASU staffer, Morris is the lead groundskeeper for Facilities Management and is charged with keeping the campus looking its best. Armed with his degree in golf course and landscape technology from Western Texas College, he came to ASU from San Angelo Country Club and worked his way up from detailing shrub beds and spraying parking lots to overseeing the landscaping of the entire campus.

“I bounce around all over the campus, helping wherever it’s needed and making sure everyone has what they need to keep going,” Morris said. “At any point in time, I could be anywhere on campus, and I always try to leave the campus better than it was the day before.”

One area where Morris has particularly shined is the ASU Soccer Field, keeping ASU’s only remaining natural grass playing field in pristine shape, despite the challenges of the West Texas heat and sparse rainfall. But, his efforts don’t just benefit those who already work, study and play at ASU. Having a picturesque campus is also a huge advantage when potential students and donors come for a visit.

“That’s the goal,” Morris said with a smile, “to keep the joint looking good and spruced up for all the guests.”

…I always try to leave the campus better than it was the day before

Lee Morris

For his dedicated efforts in “sprucing up” the campus, Morris has earned the ASU Alumni Association’s 2019 Outstanding Staff Award.

“I believe that the gifts and talents that God blessed you with should be used to be a blessing to others,” Morris said. “I’m a people person, but I usually like to stay in the background and just make sure everything gets done and let other people shine. This award is very humbling.”

Morris and his wife, Sharon, have been married for 25 years and have three daughters, Lacey, Robin and Jenna. Sharon earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from ASU, Lacey is a 2019 ASU graduate, and Robin started at ASU this fall. That’s what we call a true Ram Family Connection.

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