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What is Fostering Ram Success?

December 02, 2019

  • Fostering Rams Success
What is Fostering Ram Success?

A resource-based organization that offers educational and supportive opportunities to students who were previously in foster care or affected by homelessness.

What are the requirements for being a member?

Fostering Rams Success accepts anyone who was in foster care/affected by homelessness whether it was eight-teen seconds or eight-teen years. Fostering Ram Success also never turns anyone down even if they haven’t been in foster care, they try to help as much as they can.

Can anyone volunteer?

Fostering Rams Success accepts all volunteers at any of the events they decide to host and it is encouraged.

What are some services provided on campus?

Mentoring and case management; Hollie Rhodes tries to meet with the students in the program whether it be once every other week or once a month to talk about academics and/or personal/professional lives. There is a lounge at Texan for students in this program as well as hosting events that cater to professional/personal/academic life skills.

Does Fostering Rams Success have a positive impact on academics?

Seen decline in stress and anxiety over academics and an increase in grade point average.

How do the other programs on campus help to compliment Fostering Rams Success?

Many organizations on campus work together; there is someone in every office, such as the scholarship office, bookstore, and financial aid that a Fostering Rams Success representative can contact personally if need be

Are Dr. Flores, Hollie Rhodes, or Jose Lopez available for scheduled one on one meetings?

Always available and it is encouraged to stop by. Generally, Hollie is the key point of contact, but Dr. Flores and Jose are always welcoming to conversing with students.

What are some of the community resources provided?

Fostering Rams Success is partnered really closely with Work-Force Solutions, Concho Valley Home for Girls and High Sky. They do programs with them and do referrals to help students find jobs and get extra funding.

How does the “Mentoring” program work?

Hollie and Jose do mentor with the students. They are available for venting and to help talk students through a situation. They are there to help the student as much as they can.

How does Fostering Rams Success help with career exploration?

Fostering Rams Success partnered with a Freshman College here in San Angelo which has provided Fostering Rams Success with a link to a very useful Aptitude Test which helps the students determine their interests, majors, and potential career fields. They are also partnered with the Career Development Center and can personally help you with resume building.

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

No question is too small. If there is a problem you are experiencing do not hesitate to contact Fostering Ram Family Success.