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Verdandi LLC SBDC Success Story

Economic Impact

  • Business Expansion
  • 2 Jobs Retained
  • Increase Sales

Vee is a local artist and software programmer. Her partner Ken is also a programmer and have been working on using blockchain technology for the fine art industry. 

They sought out the SBDC to help with making connections with local partners as well as getting feedback on their technology and its practical applications. Vee and Ken first met with the Director of the SBDC, Dave Erickson, in December 2017 to discuss blockchain technology.

Vee and Ken were able to use their technology to launch a brand for Vee (the artist) and website. In just a week she was able to sell $4000 in art through her website. Using her technology she is creating a proof of record maintained and recorded through blockchain technology.

“With the guidance of the Advisors at the SBDC, I have been able to define and implement my business plan and goals. As a result, I have been able to increase sales and revenue and now have the ability to market more effectively.”