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New Computer Science Transfer Agreement with Goodfellow AFB

June 15, 2020

Angelo State University has signed a partnership agreement with Goodfellow Air Force Base that will allow Air Force personnel who have earned an associate degree to transfer their credits into a new Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.) with computer science specialization degree program at ASU.

Per the agreement, those personnel with an associate degree can now transfer all their academic course credits and up to 60 credit hours of technical coursework from that degree into ASU’s B.A.A.S. degree specialization in computer science. This means that students with an associate degree will typically be more than halfway toward earning a B.A.A.S. degree when they enroll at ASU.

Angelo State’s B.A.A.S. degree program is designed to accept technical coursework that does not normally transfer to other academic bachelor’s degree programs. The new specialization in computer science will begin accepting students this coming fall semester. It consists of 33 credit hours and can be completed totally online. It also begins with introductory computer science courses, so no particular computer science background is required.

The computer science specialization was developed in conjunction with the 17th Communications Squadron at Goodfellow AFB with specific emphasis on Air Force personnel in the cyber area. However, it is open to any student who has earned an associate degree.

Dr. Paul Swets Dr. Paul Swets “The airmen in the cyber area at Goodfellow now have an excellent opportunity to advance their education and their careers by earning a four-year degree,” said Dr. Paul Swets, dean of the ASU College of Science and Engineering. “To be clear, the degree is also open to any student with an associate degree who wants to advance in the exciting and high-growth area of computer science. The fact that the degree is available online makes it even more accessible.”

Angelo State now offers three B.A.A.S. degree programs:

This is also the second transfer agreement between ASU and Goodfellow AFB in the last two weeks. During a virtual ceremony on June 2, ASU and Goodfellow’s 17th Training Group signed an agreement that allows Air Force intelligence officers who have completed the 14N Intelligence Course at Goodfellow to transfer 12 credit hours into ASU’s Master of Science in homeland security degree program. Previously, they could only transfer their 14N credits into ASU’s Master of Science in global security studies or Master of Security Studies in intelligence and analysis degree programs.