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Online Summer Code Camp 2020

July 16, 2020

Angelo State University’s Department of Computer Science will host its annual ASU Code Camp for junior-high and high-school students July 20-31, and this year’s camp will be conducted virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The interactive two-week online camp is open to junior-high and high-school students interested in computer programming, coding and creating animations using JavaScript with Processing.js.  Instructors from the Department of Computer Science and experienced ASU CS majors will be available each day for online video collaboration to assist participants with questions and help them trouble-shoot as they learn to solve problems and program independently.

This year’s camp is free to participants, and all course material is available for free online.  Technology required to participate includes a personal computer or laptop and internet access.  An ASU Code Camp Certificate will be e-mailed to each participant at the end of the camp.

Advance registration is required and can be completed online on the Code Camp website at  Computer science faculty and staff continue to work off campus and can be contacted for more information at or 325-942-2101.

One of our ASU CS majors helping in the camp is serving as an Orientation Leader this summer.  Nice work, Mia!