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Randolph Foundation Endows $1 Million for Kinesiology/Handball

December 08, 2020

Angelo State University has received a $1 million grant from the Lubbock-based Randolph Foundation for Higher Education Inc. that will fund a new endowment to support the ASU Department of Kinesiology and ASU Handball Club.

The endowment is to be used for cultivating and promoting the sport of handball at ASU through the Department of Kinesiology. The Handball Club will also be able to utilize endowment funds for equipment, travel, hosting tournaments and participation at off-campus tournaments.

Jamie Akin Jamie Akin “We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Randolph Foundation for Higher Education,” said Jamie Akin, ASU vice president for development and alumni relations. “This transformational gift will enhance the opportunities for the Handball Club, creating a greater student experience on campus. I have a feeling that handball is about to become one of the most popular activities at Angelo State.”

It was also announced that the new endowment will be named the “Dr. Warren Simpson Excellence Fund for Handball” in honor of ASU faculty member Dr. Warren Simpson, a professor of kinesiology who started and is still the faculty sponsor and coach for the Handball Club.

“We are privileged to fund the Dr. Warren Simpson Excellence Fund for Handball,” said Nick Randolph, president of the Randolph Foundation for Higher Education Inc. “This endowment will allow students to study and participate in the game of handball, a lifelong sport, generating a competitive spirit and better overall health. What a great opportunity to help students in this way to accomplish their educational goals.”

Doug Randolph, CFO of the foundation, added, “The Randolph Foundation is proud to support ASU and this new handball endowment. Dr. Warren ‘Spider’ Simpson has been a driving force for the ASU Handball Program. This endowment will honor Dr. Simpson’s support of, and dedication to, the game of handball.”

(L-R) Dr. Don Topliff, ASU President Ronnie Hawkins Jr., Dr. Warren Simpson, Doug Randolph, Nicho... (L-R) Dr. Don Topliff, ASU President Ronnie Hawkins Jr., Dr. Warren Simpson, Doug Randolph, Nicholas Randolph, Troy Randolph Jr., Dawna Randolph-Gilbert A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Simpson has been director of ASU’s Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree program in coaching, sport, recreation and fitness administration (CSRF) since 2008. Additionally, he is the advisor for the Graduate Student Professional Development Club and a sports psychology consultant for the ASU Athletics Department. He is also founder and executive editor for two industry journals, Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics Annual and Applied Recreational Research and Programming Annual, which regularly publish research articles submitted by students in the CSRF program.

The Department of Kinesiology is a component of ASU’s Archer College of Health and Human Services. It offers bachelor’s degree programs in kinesiology, exercise science, and exercise science with a specialization in athletic training – as well as master’s degrees in athletic training and coaching, sport, recreation and fitness administration.

The Handball Club is a registered student organization that is part of ASU’s Club Sports program. Its members represent ASU at various competitions and events as part of the U.S. Handball Association. The ASU Handball Club won overall national championships in its division in 2012 and 2013, and the women’s team was national runner-up in 2017.