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Wow…What a Year!

January 11, 2021

We have completed one more revolution around the sun and what a journey it has been! We have seen controversy after controversy, faced a pandemic, and other events that have made 2020 a year like no other.

We go into 2021 without having resolved many of the issues of prior year. We still face all the health concerns of the pandemic, even with a vaccine being distributed and administered. Additionally, small businesses continue to struggle, especially to the traditional brick and mortar stores that rely on customers coming to them. Many of these stores continue to struggle either because consumers are not going out due to an abundance of caution, or because government mandates have regulated the number of customers a particular industry can serve at any one time.

For many, the new year does not promise a bright hope. At best, for them, it offers the opportunity to tread water longer, hoping nothing else happens that might drown them. What can be done to improve their situation?

“Business Tips” was written by James Leavelle, Senior Certified Business Advisor of Angelo State University’s Small Business Development Center. For more information on the topic of this article or the services of the ASU · SBDC, contact him at