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Title IX Coordinator Joins Governor’s Sexual Assault Survivors Program

March 15, 2021

Michelle Miller, special assistant to the president and Title IX coordinator at Angelo State University, has been appointed to the Safety Planning Working Group for the Texas Governor’s Sexual Assault Survivors’ Task Force (SASTF).

The SASTF was formed in 2019 and is housed in the Office of the Governor’s Public Safety Office. Its mission is to establish a collaborative and coordinated response to sexual violence experienced by adults and children in Texas.

Sexual Assault Survivors' Task Force infographic The SASTF Safety Planning Working Group is made up of experts in the areas of sexual assault, interpersonal violence and child abuse. Its members include attorneys, law enforcement and advocates from organizations such as Safe Austin, Respond Against Violence, Voice of Hope, the Women’s Center of Tarrant County, Bay Area Turning Point, the Alliance for Children and the Children’s Advocacy Center of Texas.

Miller and the other members of the group are charged with:

“The safety planning process plays a vital role in ensuring that survivors receive the services they need,” Miller said. “If a person’s basic safety needs cannot be addressed early in the reporting process, it is likely they will cease to seek help or proceed in that process. While safety planning is an individualized process, the wide range of knowledge and experience this group brings to the table allows us to consider all the variables that go into the process, such as age, location, access to services, socio-economic status, various barriers, etc. Our goal is to develop a set of principles that can be applied in that individualized process.”

“The safety planning process on a college campus is certainly unique,” she added. “So I hope to not only provide insight as to the issues college students face, but engage in conversations about how we apply this process on a college campus.”

As ASU’s Title IX coordinator, Miller heads the Title IX Office and has the primary responsibility for coordinating the university’s compliance with state and federal laws that address sexual misconduct and gender equity. As such, she receives and investigates reports of violations of ASU’s Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy, including gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, interpersonal violence, stalking and all forms of sexual violence.

Additionally, Miller teaches courses in the legal and ethical environment of business in the Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance and is a member of the ASU Staff Senate. She is also active in the community as a board member for the San Angelo Performing Arts Center, San Angelo Family Shelter, Legal Aid of Northwest Texas and Tom Green County Young Lawyers Association.

Miller earned her bachelor’s degree from Eastern New Mexico University and her law degree from the Texas Tech University School of Law. She is licensed by the State of Texas Bar and is a certified mediator.