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New Mission & Vision Statements Approved by Board of Regents

May 13, 2021

The Texas Tech University System Board of Regents approved Angelo State University’s revised Mission Statement and Vision Statement at its regular meeting today (May 13) in Lubbock.

The Texas Education Code and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) require all public universities to review their mission and vision statements at least every four years.

The revised ASU Mission Statement:

Angelo State University provides highly competitive graduates to the global marketplace by delivering quality programs in a values-focused and student-centered teaching and learning environment.

Ronnie Hawkins Jr. Ronnie Hawkins Jr. “Our mission is to have Angelo State graduates successfully compete for job opportunities at any location,” said ASU President Ronnie Hawkins Jr. “ASU alumni will be sought after because of our quality programs and their experiences gained while being a part of the Ram Family as a student and as an alumnus. There is not a program or function within Angelo State that the ‘quality bar’ is not expected to be at its highest level. We will not settle for mediocrity in any program, and everyone is expected to contribute to achieving the mission.”

The revised ASU Vision Statement:

By the end of this decade, Angelo State University will be known as an innovative leader in driving educational, cultural, and economic initiatives to meet the needs, face the challenges, and grasp the opportunities for our region, state, and the global community.

“Our Vision Statement serves as the destination – what we seek to achieve,” Hawkins said. “It establishes where we are headed so everyone can determine their role to make this a reality. This Vision Statement puts us on a journey to our centennial in 2028. We do not plan to stop once we get there; however, this vision provides a landmark for everyone to set their sights upon achieving. We will periodically review our progress to make sure we are on target for reaching our destination.”

These are the first revisions to ASU’s Mission and Vision statements since they were approved by the THECB in 2013.

Approval of the new Mission and Vision statements also coincides with the conclusion of a campus initiative to formulate ASU’s Core Values. Hundreds of administrators, faculty, staff and students participated through a Values Summit and town hall meetings, and codifying the Core Values was completed last week.

ASU Core Values:

“These values and desired behaviors will serve as the foundation to how we work with each other along our journey,” Hawkins said. “We present them in both English and Spanish to showcase the diversity of our team while acknowledging our two major languages at the university.”

“Our new vision, mission and core values are reflective of the evolutionary journey we are on as a university and a culture,” he added. “I am excited about our future. I am also excited about welcoming another 1,100-plus graduates into the Angelo State Alumni Family this coming Friday and Saturday. It is a great time to be a part of the Ram Family because Rams Rise!”