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Christoval Vineyards SBDC Success Story

Economic Impact

  • SBA Loan Payment Program
  • Paycheck Protection Loan
  • Jobs Retained: 10

Bart and Wendi Neff began their journey with another SBDC center in the state of Texas. They were ready to be small business owners and the first place they visited was the small business development center network to get assistance in purchasing their business.

With less than a year of business ownership under their belt, COVID-19 traumatically impacted their business operations. Luckily, as new business owners in the area, Bart and Wendi had already established a relationship with the local SBDC office. The advisors of the SBDC were quick to respond to the ever-changing environment of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After receiving news and information about the available SBA programs, the Neffs reached out to SBDC advisors for additional information on how to apply for and implement the various federal funding programs that were available under the CARES ACT.

The Neff’s were able to alter their day-to-day business operations to continue receiving limited guests in their wine tasting room. With the help of the SBA funding programs, they were able to maintain their employees’ wages and continue the production of wine.

“The SBDC has been an incredibly useful resource to us in the process of purchasing, and ultimately running, a new business.”

Bart & Wendy Neff