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Street Eats SBDC Success Story

Economic Impact

  • Business Start
  • Jobs Created: 5

Ronnie Cajas had dreamed of opening his restaurant business for many years. He worked as a chef for several well-known restaurants in San Angelo, and after losing his job due to COVID, he decided to pursue his dream.

Ronnie contacted SBDC business advisor Alejandro Castañon by referral. Ronnie and his advisor began meeting to discuss all the necessary steps he would need to begin. Ronnie was able to learn that starting his restaurant would require understanding his start-up budget, legal entity formation, health permit application, lease contract and marketing plan.

Within two months, he had several meetings with his advisor, and he was able to open his doors to his restaurant. Ronnie has seen record-breaking weeks since opening, and is planning on expanding within a year.

“Alejandro helped with all beginning official paperwork process and all advice needed for a first-time business owner.”

Ronnie Cajas