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Dr. Jordan Daniel

Distinguished Faculty Achievement - Associate Professor of Kinesiology

The small student-to-faculty ratio and Ram Family connection that attract so many students to ASU also helped bring Dr. Jordan Daniel to the faculty in the Department of Kinesiology.

Dr. Jordan Daniel Though he lived the nomadic life of a Texas coach’s son, Daniel has West Texas roots. After earning his Ph.D. from Texas A&M, he jumped at the chance to teach at ASU.

“I knew I didn’t want to be at a huge university where I would have a lecture pit full of 500 students per class,” Daniel said. “I wanted to get to know and have a chance to mentor students. Plus, West Texas is in my blood.”

At ASU since 2013, Daniel is known for his innovative teaching that includes everything from pop culture references to having his kinesiology students produce YouTube videos of their research projects.

“I love what I teach,” he said. “I want to share the actual things that I teach, and I want to share my enthusiasm for the things I love. Plus, if I am not excited about the content, how can students be? If I cannot connect to them, they’ll never know how much I care. If I cannot care for them, they’ll never be able to fully grasp what I have to share.”

“I wanted to get to know and have a chance to mentor students.”

Besides teaching, Daniel is a prolific researcher, serves on numerous campus committees and is the faculty athletic representative for Rams football. He is also a fixture at admissions recruiting events.

“I get to share my love of ASU with students and I get to show parents that ASU faculty are student centered,” Daniel said. “If I can show one student that ASU is the place to put their trust in, then I am helping build the Ram Fam.”

For his exceptional teaching and dedication to ASU, Daniel has earned the Alumni Association’s 2020 Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award.

“There are tons of other faculty who deserve this award, so I accept it on their behalf,” he said. “As all faculty and staff are, I am a steward of the Ram Fam culture. To be recognized in this manner means a great deal to me.”