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Ram Powerlifters Host Inaugural Home Meet, Win Multiple Medals

January 26, 2022

Ram Powerlifting Club members at the 2022 ASU Big Horn Bash

Angelo State University’s Ram Powerlifting Club hosted its first-ever home meet sanctioned by U.S.A. Powerlifting, and eight club members earned first-place medals at the inaugural ASU Big Horn Bash on Jan. 22 in the Houston Harte University Center.

Sixty lifters from around the state, including high school, college and adult competitors, participated in the meet in various categories of both “equipped” and “raw” contests. Equipped contests allow competitors to wear special clothing, including bench shirts, squat suits and knee wraps, that allow them to lift heavier weights. Raw contests are conducted without any special clothing.

Lifters complete three attempts each at squat, bench press and deadlift. The qualifying total is the sum of the highest weight lifted in each of the three disciplines. ASU’s top finishers by category and weight class were:

Women’s Division

Men’s Division

“This was a big accomplishment for the club to be able to host a meet of its own here on campus,” said Dr. Adam Parker, professor of kinesiology and the club’s faculty sponsor. “The club president, Michael Vargas (San Angelo), did an amazing job putting this all together. Additionally, Tommy Janusz, who was the club founder and is owner of a local gym called The Bar Athletic Club, helped run the meet. There were a ton of volunteers who helped with spotting and loading, as well. Manny Campos, a member of the ASU faculty, also assisted with helping the meet run smoothly.”