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Photography Student Assistant

Posted: May 09, 2022


Office of Communications and Marketing


  • Works as part of the multimedia team by assisting with the photography of ASU events and activities.
  • With guidance from the Multimedia Specialist, independently meets with clients and provides photography of ASU events and activities.
  • Organizes photos according to Multimedia Specialist’s file system.
  • Edits photos for use in print and digital marketing projects.
  • Under the leadership of the Multimedia Specialist, works with other members of the Communications and Marketing team to provide or edit photos for projects.
  • Meets set deadlines for projects.
  • Submits outlines or ideas for branding and marketing ASU for recruiting purposes.
  • Proposes and assists with the implementation of ideas to drive audience and engagement for the university social media.
  • Communicates class schedule and any planned absences from work ahead of time.
  • Arrives on time to work per schedule developed by Multimedia Specialist.
  • Presents himself or herself in a professional manner, both in appearance and communications.
  • Maintains a clean workspace.


Not given


Not given 


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