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Texas Preventative Maintenance Pro SBDC Success Story

Economic Impact

  • Business Expansion
  • Jobs Retained: 1

Christopher Anaya has a long history of working with the State of Texas. He used to serve the state as an employee, but he had dreams to be his own boss.

Chris reached out to the SBDC a few years ago to begin working on his dream of small business ownership. After tackling the professional paint industry, he set his sights on working again with the state government.

Christopher began serving TxDOT as a preventative maintenance professional and has continued to grow his business ever since. The new service allows Christopher to provide all the necessary upkeep on many diverse types of vehicles and machinery. He adopted a new name for his business, Texas Preventative Maintenance Pro, and has never been busier. He said this transition of service has increased his business and overall sales. He consulted with SBDC Advisor Dezaray Johnson, who will continue to assist him as he grows his business and expands his clientele.

“Ms. Johnson has helped me every step of the way and made what seemed impossible a reality.”

Christopher Anaya