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Ram Page – Graduate Assistant

Posted: September 13, 2022


Department of Communication & Mass Media


The primary responsibilities of the Advertising Manager are to plan, implement, and manage a comprehensive advertising and marketing program for The Ram Page that produces professional relationships with local businesses and parties. The advertising manager will be primarily responsible for reaching out to, meeting with, and introducing the Ram Page to local businesses and soliciting advertisement placement as well as maintaining mutually beneficial and professionally friendly relationships with them. The Advertising Manager will also have a fiduciary responsibility to secure sales, track and keep accounts and the database of these sales, confirm ad design and promotional operations, and work closely with the Graphic Design team to compose assets. The Ram Page Advertising Manager is expected to collect and keep updated data on local businesses and customer reach to properly evaluate the success of different marketing methods and the necessity to adjust wherever it is required as well as to perform other relevant duties as assigned.

Like all Ram Page student employees at Angelo State University, the Advertising Manager is tasked with producing one opinion piece column per semester. Beyond the opinion piece, the Advertising Manager’s responsibilities are separate from the editorial decisions of The Ram Page’s writers, photographers, and editors.


Starting ASAP

Monday-Friday. Will work with school schedule.


$13.50/hr up to 17.5 hours a week


To apply go to: and click on “Work for Us” tab (you must have an account to apply)

OR come see us in our office located in the Library, Room 304 to fill out an application.