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Graduate Assistant (Work-Study Preferred)

Posted: August 09, 2022


Multicultural Center


The Graduate Assistant reports to the Student Programs and Activity Coordinator and supports Registered Student Organizations (RSO), Ram Pantry and the Multicultural Center. The student is responsible for assisting in the research and implementation of strategies that enhance campus life, build school spirit, and engage students through student organizations and activities.

The position requires an individual with attention to detail, strong communication skills, and computer skills. Individuals must be proficient in all Microsoft programs, can multi-task and work independently or within a group, and complete tasks with little supervision, and manage time effectively. An individual should display professionalism in all work duties and possess excellent customer service skills.

The Graduate Assistant must be self-motivated, dependable, detail-oriented, and trustworthy.

Responsible for Assisting with RSO Registration: The GA assists in the student organization registration process by reviewing documents for accuracy, reviewing leadership qualification standards, and keeps an updated electronic roster with relevant RSO contact and other needed information; keeps data updated with current RSO and current leadership; and helps develop recruitment and retention plans to increase RSOs and RSO visibility and involvement on campus

  • Effective Database Organization
  • Maintains RSO Status
  • Assist with Evaluation Measures: Retention Data

Responsible for Assisting with RSO Educational Programs. The GA assists with the logistics of all RSO education, training, and workshops, including but not limited to, President’s Roundtable, Risk Management, Programming 101, and RSO Transition Workshops; keeps organized records, notes, attendance, reservation updates, catering, and checklists necessary for these sessions; assists in livewhale RSO resources, Risk Management, and Advisor Resource updates; assists in the research of RSO education and best practices, program evaluation for continuous improvement. Assist with procedural calendar and continuity sheets

  • Pathway to Resources, Education, and Information
  • Assess needs and effectiveness of programs

Responsible for Current and Creative Technology Implementation. Uses publication and other software to prepare informational and advertising materials such as newsletters, brochures, posters, and flyers. Composes correspondence from personal knowledge of the subject matter or instructions (note, some emails and correspondence may require Program Coordinator approval); takes and prepares minutes of meetings, as requested. Assists in the management of social media platforms. Responsible for taking pictures at events and maintains an updated calendar of events for RSO activities

  • Social Media Manager

Responsible for Assisting with Student Advisory Council (SOAC) & Student Organization Leadership Funding (SOLF). Responsible for attending weekly meetings, and keeping track of SOAC review and approval documentation and minutes. Use existing SOLF guidelines for reviewing, provide feedback, and approve SOLF requests. Assist in developing SOAC opportunities for the RSO program & activity feedback and surveys for continuous improvement

  • Assist as SOAC Chair and Proxy to Program Coordinator
  • Assist in implementing Creative Evaluation of Programs/Activities
  • Provide MAC assistance

Responsible for Providing RSO Programming Support and Recruitment Assistance. Assist in developing and facilitating Fall and Spring Fest, Rammy’s, Advisor Appreciation, and other programs. Assist with RSOs Fairs, NSO, and other recruitment opportunities. Informs RSO about programming opportunities fosters cross-departmental collaboration, leads presentation to help RSO create effective programs/activities on campus.

  • Assist in recruiting current RSO to participate in MC Monthly Activities and collaboration recruitment events
  • Assists as an MC Representative
  • Assists as a MC Presenter: Programming 101
  • Assists with the Hunger Awareness Initiatives

Responsible for Special Projects. Responsible for Ram Report Newsletter’s weekly content for RSO activities and SOLF summaries. Works with the Director to update the MC monthly resource database and survey analysis. Responsible for publishing RSO yearly handbook in the summer for fall distribution.

  • Assist with Data Collection
  • Assist as Newsletter Contributor
  • Assists as RSO Handbook Co-Publisher

Responsible for other duties as assigned


  • Ability to operate personal computers using appropriate software such as Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.), Banner, and Adobe
  • Ability to organize and complete tasks in an accurate and timely manner with minimal supervision
  • Skilled in oral and written communication
  • Ability to work with faculty, staff, students, and the general public in a professional manner.
  • Skilled in critical thinking to anticipate potential problems or issues
  • Ability to demonstrate enthusiasm, competence, and resourcefulness
  • Ability to perform effectively in stressful situations


Not given


Not given 


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