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Ram TV - Graduate Assistant

Posted: August 29, 2022


Ram TV - Department of Communication & Mass Media


No experience is necessary, but preference will be given to students who have taken Beginning Video Production (COMM/MM1317), and/or Advanced Video Production (COMM/MM 4365). We train the right candidate in aspects of the position.

This is a graduate assistant position. Must be enrolled as a graduate student at Angelo State University to apply for this role. All these duties are applicable to this role.

Workplace is in Ram TV, Suite 312 on the third floor of the Porter Henderson Library and around campus.

Duties can include, but are not limited to:

  • Supervision and training of Ram TV employees
  • Recruiting students to join Ram TV.
  • Involved in the interview and hiring of students for Ram TV.
  • Train current and new employees on all aspects of Ram TV operations.
  • Understanding of video camera and sound equipment as well as Adobe Premiere Pro editing software.
  • Camera operator and video editor as needed.
  • Administrative paperwork to assist Ram TV director
  • Other duties as assigned


Up to 17.5 hours per week Monday through Sunday, as needed.




Apply at: OR Come by the Ram TV studio (Library, Suite 312) to fill out an application.