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New Texas 2-Step Teacher Certification Program with Howard College

October 20, 2022

Angelo State University has entered into a partnership agreement with Howard College to offer the new Texas 2-Step Teacher Certification Program, which is designed to help address the shortage of public school teachers in the region and the state.

Building on ASU’s legacy of graduating high-quality teachers, the Texas 2-Step program focuses on assisting paraprofessionals in public school districts reach their goal of becoming a classroom teacher. ASU is partnering with Howard College to provide paraprofessionals with the foundational coursework and intensive field experience to become classroom-ready teachers, with coursework delivered 100% online.

The program involves two distinct steps:

Paraprofessionals who enter the Texas 2-Step program will maintain their employment within their school district while completing their Howard College and ASU curriculum online.

Dr. Scarlet Clouse Dr. Scarlet Clouse “This exciting partnership allows Angelo State and Howard College to play an active role in assisting Texas school districts fill classrooms with certified teachers who are already invested in their community,” said Dr. Scarlet Clouse, dean of ASU’s College of Education.

Additional benefits for paraprofessionals in the Texas 2-Step program include:

For the Texas 2-Step program, paraprofessionals are “aides” or “educational aides” who work in schools alongside classroom teachers. They can take on a variety of roles, depending on the needs of the district.

More details on the Texas 2-Step program are available at