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Mayer Named 2022 R.A.M. Veteran of the Year

November 11, 2022

Richard Mayer, a U.S. Naval Air Corps veteran and longtime supporter of Angelo State University, was named the 2022 Remembering Angelo’s Military (R.A.M.) Veteran of the Year during ASU’s annual Veterans Day Luncheon today (Nov. 11) in the Houston Harte University Center.

A West Texas native, Mayer attended ASU when it was still San Angelo College and spent four years in the U.S. Naval Air Corps. After graduating from the Embry Riddle Aeronautical Institute in Florida, he moved to Houston where he regularly flew gliders with astronaut Neil Armstrong and earned the Symons Wave Memorial Award. Houston was also where he met his wife of over 50 years, B.J. Mayer. After moving back to San Angelo, he officiated junior high, high school and Lone Star Conference sports for 45 years, and he has been named a James E. West Fellow for his longtime support of the Boy Scouts of America. In 2016, he was named Golden Ex of the Year by the ASU Alumni Association.

Ronnie Hawkins Jr. Ronnie Hawkins Jr. “It’s a special day when we can recognize a member of the Ram Family who has honorably served our country in the military and generously supports Angelo State,” said ASU President Ronnie Hawkins Jr. “Richard Mayer’s outstanding service to our country, the U.S. Navy, the West Texas region and ASU cannot be overstated. We are proud to honor him as our 2022 R.A.M. Veteran of the Year.”

Along with B.J., Mayer has contributed significant time and resources to ASU, including funding multiple academic and athletic scholarships, as well as construction of the Mayer Museum, the Mayer Softball Complex and the Mayer Press Box at LeGrand Stadium at 1st Community Credit Union Field. They also joined with family members to help fund construction of the Mayer-Rousselot Agricultural Education Training Center at the ASU Ranch.

Phillip Nichelson Phillip Nichelson “On Nov. 11, 2022, we will pause, like we do every year, and celebrate our service to this nation,” said Phillip Nichelson, ASU VETS Center director and Marine Corps veteran. “We Rams, veterans based on our military service and alumni of this fine university, enjoy lifting up before all our sisters and brothers, a few extraordinary veterans who have done great service to this country and our university. This year, we honor Richard Mayer, a U.S. Naval Air Corps veteran and former ASU student.”

The R.A.M. Veteran of the Year program is sponsored by ASU’s Veterans Educational and Transitional Services (VETS) Center and Division of External Affairs.