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Fall Commencement Ceremonies

December 06, 2022

Over 740 students are scheduled to walk the stage during Angelo State University’s two fall commencement ceremonies on Saturday, Dec. 10, in the Junell Center/Stephens Arena, 2235 S. Jackson St.

Commencement Ceremonies:

The doors to the Junell Center will open one hour prior to each ceremony. The ceremonies are open and free to the public, and may also be viewed live on the ASU website at

ASU will confer and present 284 master’s degrees and 460 bachelor’s degrees during the commencement ceremonies Saturday.

There are 27 Master of Arts, eight Master of Professional Accountancy, two Master of Agriculture, 68 Master of Business Administration, 22 Master of Education, 131 Master of Science, four Master of Science in Nursing, 19 Master of Security Studies and three Master of Social Work degrees.

There are 47 Bachelor of Arts, three Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences, 77 Bachelor of Business Administration, 11 Bachelor of Fine Arts, six Bachelor of Intelligence and Analysis, 49 Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, one Bachelor of Music, 176 Bachelor of Science, eight Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 21 Bachelor of Science in Health Science Professions, eight Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 37 Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 10 Bachelor of Security Studies, and six Bachelor of Social Work degrees.

On a related note, on Friday at 6:30 p.m., the ASU Nursing Department will conduct the annual Fall Pinning Ceremony for its graduates in the Houston Harte University Center. Nursing pinning ceremonies became a U.S. tradition in the early 1800s to mark students’ completion of their education and entry into the profession.