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2023 Angelo State Faculty & Staff Service Awards

February 22, 2023

One hundred Angelo State University faculty and staff members, including nine with a quarter century or more employment with the university, were honored with Service Awards during a ceremony on Tuesday, Feb. 21, in the ASU Houston Harte University Center.

The honorees were each presented with awards representing their years of service to the university. Receiving a 45-Year Service Award was John Vinklarek, Visual and Performing Arts, and receiving a 40-Year Service Award was Maria de los Santos Onofre-Madrid, Natalie Zan Ryan Department of English and Modern Languages. Randolph Hicks, Security Studies and Criminal Justice, received a 35-Year Service Award.

The 30-Year Service Awards went to Henry Begil, Print Shop; Jeane Irby, Information Technology; and Elisabeth-Christine Muelsch, Natalie Zan Ryan Department of English and Modern Languages.

Recipients of 25-Year Service Awards were Susan Keith, Kinesiology; Galdino Peña Jr., Facilities Management; and John Wegner, Natalie Zan Ryan Department of English and Modern Languages.

The 20-Year Service Awards went to James Adams, University Police; Christie Adkins, Biology; Charles Allen, Physics and Geosciences; Annette Dixon, Agriculture; John Glassford, Political Science and Philosophy; Jamal Husein, Accounting, Economics and Finance; Sherry Ann Miller, Kinesiology; Veronica Ramos, Porter Henderson Library; Randy Roeder, Facilities Management; Charles Sebesta, Facilities Management; and Chris Steele, Information Technology.

Recipients of 15-Year Service Awards were Mary Adkins, Kinesiology; Loree Branham, Agriculture; Julia Chandler, Information Technology; Kent Corder, Information Technology; Mary Elizabeth Escobar, Financial Aid and Scholarships; John Klingemann, College of Arts and Humanities; Paula Koca, Mathematics; Kimberly Livengood, Curriculum and Instruction; Eddie Rodriguez, University Police; Gabriela Serrano, Natalie Zan Ryan Department of English and Modern Languages; Wendy Sklenarik, College of Education; Nicole St. Germaine, Natalie Zan Ryan Department of English and Modern Languages; Justina Stark, Finance and Administration; Philip Storm, Facilities Management; Jonathan Wilcox, Information Technology; and Mary Wilson, University Police.

The 10-Year Service Awards went to Tia Agan, Curriculum and Instruction; Erika Baeza, Multicultural Center; Kelly Billingsley, Carr Foundation; Benjamin Borom, Registrar’s Office; Raymond Bradshaw, Facilities Management; Whitni Cary, Ticket Office; Edwin Cuenco, Visual and Performing Arts; Linda Elizondo (retired), Center for International Studies; Matthew Gritter, Political Science and Philosophy; Tiffany Hinkley, Admissions Office; Han-Hung Huang, Physical Therapy; Roger Jackson, Natalie Zan Ryan Department of English and Modern Languages; Steven King, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Heather Lehto, Physics and Geosciences; Flor Madero, Diversity and Inclusion Office; Kailee Malleck, Special Events Facilities and Services; Vincent Mangano, Accounting, Economics and Finance; Rex Moody, Management and Marketing; Kendra Nicks, Physical Therapy; Charles (Jack) Plott, Kinesiology; Sammy Prieto, University Police; Rigel Rilling, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Leslie Rodriguez, Communication and Mass Media; Manuel San Miguel, Archer College of Health and Human Services; Katherine Thoreson, College of Arts and Humanities; James Villers, Physical Therapy; Deanna Watts, Political Science and Philosophy; Carrie Whitesell, Controller’s Office; and Courtney Wilson, Registrar’s Office.

Recipients of Five-Year Service Awards were Angela Allen, College of Graduate Studies and Research; Dick Apronti, David L. Hirschfeld Department of Engineering; Erica Bailey, Communication and Mass Media; Anthony Battistini, David L. Hirschfeld Department of Engineering; Sonja Burnett, Facilities Management; Melisa Canales, Information Technology; Heather Crawford, Admissions Office; Misty Eatmon, University Police; Carla Ebeling, Biology; Sarah Foster, Contracting and Materials Management; Rogelio Hernandez, Facilities Management; Jun Huang, Management and Marketing; T. Wayne Humphrey, Mathematics; C. Edward Kerestly, Financial Aid and Scholarships; and Gregory Krukonis, Biology.

Also receiving Five-Year Service Awards were Melissa Lacy, Porter Henderson Library; JongHwa Lee, Communication and Mass Media; Jenny Love, Development Office; Nicole Lozano, Psychology; Riley Mashburn, Information Technology; Heather McDonald, Registrar’s Office; Mark Munguia, Financial Aid and Scholarships; Harold Muñoz, Athletics; Roanna Murray, Freshman College; Lanell Nichols, Contracting and Materials Management; Beth Niehues, Computer Science; Brenda Norton, Political Science and Philosophy; Aldo Piñón-Villarreal, David L. Hirschfeld Department of Engineering; Saravanan Ramasamy, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Brenda Sanchez, Nursing; Alysia Shelton Howard, College of Science and Engineering; Satvir Singh, Management and Marketing; James Spencer, Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management; and Samuel Spooner III, Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management.