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2023-24 Departmental Scholarship Winners Announced

April 13, 2023

At its annual Honor’s Reception, the Natalie Zan Ryan Department of English and Modern Languages announced the awarding of $28,088.58 in scholarships among 24 returning students to help them continue their education at ASU.

Specifically, these scholarships will help the students defray the cost of tuition, fees and books during the 2023-24 academic year.

Modern Language Scholarship Winners: Branden Burrow, Andrew Milan, Alex Robinson, Kee Edgin, Abraham Nino, Carlos Rodriquez, Kilynn Winters, Alexis Washington, Dayana Perez, Alaina Smith, Sadie Stanford, Britnie Wright and Kaylee Rutherford.

English Scholarship Winners: Anais Mendoza, Emmanuel Serna, Miriam Guevara, Brieanna Hagel, Daisy Herr, McKenzie Jones, Bailey Wells and Katelyn Walker.

Frank M. Pool, Jr. English Graduate Scholarship Winners: Autumn Cleveland, Amanda Sanders and Keagan Scott

Modern language students can earn one of seven scholarships:

Undergraduate English majors can earn one of four scholarships:

If you are interested in helping the Natalie Zan Ryan Department of English and Modern Languages’ continuing efforts to provide scholarship aid to our deserving students, please contact Dr. Erin Ashworth-King, department chair, at 325-486-6139 or contact the Office of Development at 325-942-2116.