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2023 CyberCamp@ASU

ASU Hosts CyberCamp@ASU and Teachers’ Cybersecurity Workshop Empowering San Angelo Students and Educators

From June 12-16, 2023, the campus of Angelo State University (ASU) was abuzz with enthusiasm as it hosted an impactful CyberCamp@ASU and Teachers’ Cybersecurity Workshop. 

This dynamic event was organized by ASU’s College of Education, College of Science and Engineering, and Department of Computer Science in partnership with the UTSA Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security (CIAS). It brought together 70 bright students from middle and high schools in the San Angelo area, along with dedicated area school teachers, all eager to enhance their knowledge and skills in cybersecurity.

CyberCamp@ASU, led by instructors from ASU’s Regional Security Operations Center (RSOC) and the CIAS, offered an immersive learning experience. Guided by expert educators, participants delved into the intricacies of cybersecurity and had the opportunity to explore the challenging realm of the CyberPatriot Competition, a national cybersecurity competition for middle and high school students.

Angelo State faculty member helping middle school students on computers during CyberCamp@ASU

Simultaneously, the Teachers’ Cybersecurity Workshop was masterfully organized by Dr. Greg White, director of UTSA’s CIAS, and his esteemed colleagues. It provided area school teachers with invaluable training in cybersecurity and preparation for the CyberPatriot Competition. This professional development opportunity equipped educators with the necessary tools and knowledge to inspire and guide their students on their cybersecurity journeys.

The success of the CyberCamp@ASU and Teachers’ Cybersecurity Workshop was made possible by the generous support of grants from the National Security Agency (NSA), TCP Software and ASU. Their commitment to advancing cybersecurity education was instrumental in creating this transformative event, fostering a cyber-resilient community.

Cybersecurity professionals teaching middle and high school students during CyberCamp@ASU

The CyberCamp@ASU and Teachers’ Cybersecurity Workshop serves as a shining example of collaboration between educational institutions, industry leaders and government agencies. By investing in the next generation of cybersecurity professionals and empowering educators, San Angelo is building a strong foundation for a secure digital future.

The participants left the event inspired, armed with new knowledge, and ready to tackle the challenges of the evolving digital landscape. ASU’s commitment to cybersecurity education continues to propel San Angelo toward excellence in the realm of digital security.

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