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Dr. Amanda Ritchie-Ethridge

Honorary Alumna - ASU Associate Director of Admissions

Because of her incredible school spirit, most people didn’t realize that Dr. Amanda Ritchie-Ethridge wasn’t already an Angelo State alumna.

A native of Big Lake, Ritchie-Ethridge actually earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at rival Tarleton State. She also worked as a recruiter for TSU before making the move to ASU in 2013.

“I had met some ASU recruiters on the road, and I wanted to get back to West Texas while I still had my grandparents,” Ritchie-Ethridge said. “So, when an admissions counselor/recruiter position came open at ASU, I got the job.”

“How could I recruit for Tarleton and then for ASU?” she added. “I’m just passionate about students continuing their education to open doors for new opportunity. I also love the camaraderie of ASU school spirit. My closet quickly went from purple to blue and gold.”

After working her way up from admissions counselor to associate director of admissions, Ritchie-Ethridge oversees all events for prospective students and coordinates campus tours. She originated the annual Ram Round-Up transition camp for new students and the included Challenge Book of ASU History.

“I always thought of myself as a student affairs person,” Ritchie-Ethridge said. “But being in admissions is the same in the sense that you are working with students who are making the transition from high school to college. I was a first-generation college student, so I was once the person who didn’t know what questions to ask.”

“I think it’s the most fun job on campus,” she added. “We get to be out and about, creating those opportunities for prospective students and their parents to visit campus to learn more about ASU. We get to really roll out the blue and gold carpet and show off Angelo State.”

“I love the Ram Family community, seeing the faculty and staff who truly care about their students.”

And Ritchie-Ethridge is also just as passionate about continuing her own education, having recently earned her doctorate from Abilene Christian University.

“I always knew that I wanted to go all the way with my higher education,” Ritchie said. “People have asked me if I’m going to leave my job now, but I’m not because I love my job. I’m happy to come to work every single day.”

“But is has opened up opportunities,” she added. “I taught an online summer class, and that’s something I want to continue doing. Maybe one day I could see myself on the faculty side, but right now, no one loves their job more than me.”

Also a regular participant in many ASU events, Ritchie-Ethridge has a special affinity for the Rams baseball team and has also won several ASU staff awards.

For being an outstanding employee and ambassador for ASU, the Alumni Association has named Ritchie-Ethridge its 2023 Honorary Alumna.

“I was very surprised to get the call, but I was confused because I didn’t think I was eligible,” Ritchie-Ethridge said. “So I’m surprised and very honored to think that someone would nominate me for this award.”

“I love the Ram Family community, seeing the faculty and staff who truly care about their students,” she added. “There is just this huge spiderweb of people here with the common goal to help our students succeed.”