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Bubba D’S Barbecue SBDC Success Story

Economic Impact

  • Business Start
  • Jobs Created: 1

Austen Dillard created a BBQ sauce based on a family recipe and reached out to the ASU SBDC for assistance in starting a business and selling his product in large retail stores.

He met with Alejandro Castanon, certified business advisor, to learn about establishing a business and business financing. Additionally, Dillard wanted to identify co-packing plants near San Angelo, and requested insight on what to expect when contracting with a co-packing company. Together, Dillard and Castanon developed a business plan that resulted in Dillard receiving the financing needed to start his business.

Next, Dillard was ready to put his business plan into action with the guidance and support of his new business advisor, Angelina Osornio Torres. Together, they have worked on integrating his bookkeeping system with his eCommerce system and point-of-sale (POS) system to create a seamless bookkeeping and accounting process. Additionally, they worked on integrating Dillard’s eCommerce platform with his website to provide customers with a user-friendly shopping experience.

“The SBDC of San Angelo has made my dreams a reality, and for that I am forever grateful. I will continue to have more sessions with the SBDC in the coming days to help better myself to have a more successful business.”

Austen Dillard