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Rooted Wellness Clinic, PLLC SBDC Success Story

Economic Impact

  • Business Start
  • Line of Credit
  • Owner’s Investment
  • 3 Jobs Created

Melissa Jones is a San Angelo native who worked for nine years as a Chiropractor in a local clinic. Dr. Jones sought to own her own clinic and reached out to the Angelo State University Small Business Development Center for assistance.

James Leavelle, Sr. Business Development Advisor assisted her throughout her journey, working on a business plan and guided her through filing for her PLLC and EIN. James also advised her on some basic Human Resources steps for hiring employees and how to build an employee handbook.

Dr. Jones was able to start her business with funding from a line of credit loan as well as injecting her own personal capital. This resulted in the creation of three jobs in the community. Rooted Wellness Clinic is a woman-owned business and Dr. Jones is a graduate of Angelo State University.

“SBDC has been a vital resource center in helping RWC become a successful new business in SA. James Leavelle directed me down the right path and guided me through the process of creating a professional business plan. I will continue to lean on the SBDC for guidance as I navigate through the obstacles as a new business woman.” 

Dr. Melissa Jones