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Teacher Education Partnership Renewed with Korean University

February 06, 2024

Angelo State University hosted a leadership contingent from Gongju National University of Education (GNUE) in South Korea for a signing ceremony on Monday, Feb. 5, to renew the partnership agreement for a program that annually brings approximately 40 GNUE teacher education students to the Angelo State campus.

The GNUE/ASU International Teaching Practicum Program includes two weeks of virtual training conducted by ASU teacher education faculty for the GNUE student-teachers, who then complete a three-week, in-person teaching practicum at elementary schools in San Angelo and the Irion County and Miles school districts. They also participate in various cultural excursions and other group activities.

During the teaching practicum, the GNUE student-teachers observe, analyze and participate in various classrooms as instructed by the assigned schools’ faculty and staff. They also have opportunities to introduce Korean culture to the elementary students through classroom lessons and student interaction.


The Feb. 5 signing ceremony at ASU renewed the program agreement that was originally signed in 2015 and renewed in 2019. ASU President Ronnie Hawkins Jr. and Dr. Beom-Ung Lee, acting GNUE president, signed the renewal contract for the program that is offered through the ASU College of Education.

Dr. Scarlet Clouse Dr. Scarlet Clouse “This is an exciting time in the history of the partnership between Angelo State and Gongju National University of Education,” said Dr. Scarlet Clouse, dean of the College of Education. “It is a privilege to be able to celebrate many years of this successful and mutually beneficial international relationship between two outstanding universities. The common goal to expand teacher preparation through shared cultural experiences has enriched public school classrooms and communities throughout the Concho Valley. The GNUE students provide cultural lessons and experiences to local elementary students and forge relationships that endure a lifetime.”

The GNUE/ASU International Teaching Practicum Program was piloted in the spring of 2016 with eight GNUE student participants. Since then, it has progressively expanded to now include about 40 GNUE student-teachers each year. With the signing of the new agreement, the program has been renewed for another five years.

Future expansion goals include new agreements that enable ASU and GNUE to develop a summer international training program with South Korean teachers selected by the Chungcheongnam Province Office of Education.